LEONARDO ARTISTS TO PRESENT KEYNOTES AT ISEA2024 | Leonardo/ISASTwith Arizona State University


By Sophie Fouladi

As the International Symposium for Electronic Art (ISEA2024) shapes its engaging program for the upcoming conference in Brisbane, Australia, it’s with great pride that we spotlight three exemplary artists from the Leonardo community who will grace the event as keynote speakers. Cristóbal Martínez and Kade Twist, Leonardo Artist Fellows also known as the visionary duo behind Postcommodity, along with Tiare Ribeaux, our esteemed Leonardo Exchange Lead Artist, are set to illuminate the minds of attendees with their groundbreaking works and thought-provoking insights.

Postcommodity, represented by artists Cristóbal Martínez and Kade Twist, has long stood at the vanguard of interdisciplinary art, merging aesthetics, sound, and politics to challenge global market dynamics and their cultural repercussions. Their unique perspective through an Indigenous lens offers profound critiques and dialogues essential in our continuously globalizing world. One of their latest works, “Cosmovisión,” commissioned by Leonardo/ISAST as part of the Hewlett 50 initiative, exemplifies their innovative approach. This project delves into the intricate relationships between land, community, and worldview through a generative music performance that employs video game mechanics. By creating an intentional community of teams that archive sound recordings, Postcommodity aims to sonify these relationships, fostering Indigenous-led community self-determination and meaning-making. The culmination of this project will be a performative multiplayer gaming tournament, where success hinges on collaboration, listening, and creating harmony, thereby embodying the project's core themes.

Tiare Ribeaux brings another dimension of poignant storytelling and cultural critique to the symposium, with their films that intertwine spirituality, labor, and environmental discourse through a magical realist approach. As the lead artist for the Leonardo Creative Impact Lab in Dunedin, Ribeaux facilitated a transformative creative exchange focused on climate change. This hybrid in-person and virtual lab, conducted in collaboration with Tūhura Otago Museum, utilized community-driven digital and new media art projects to explore climate issues in Aotearoa New Zealand through an Indigenous framework. Ribeaux led a workshop series introducing participants to emerging media practices, emphasizing rapid prototyping techniques for human-centered interactive media design. Through ethical design and technology principles, participants crafted impactful media and interactive art pieces, merging collective research, experiential learning, and co-design. The lab culminated in a public panel review and virtual exhibition, showcasing the collaborative efforts and highlighting the importance of sustainable art practices.

Both artists’ contributions and keynotes are anticipated as they align with the symposium’s theme, "Everywhen," aiming to redefine our collective experience of the arts, science, technology, and culture by highlighting the critical significance of indigenous perspectives in “our understanding of past, present and future in the days of singularity and climate change.” For more details and registration, please visit ISEA2024 official website.