Arriving at Djerassi | Leonardo/ISASTwith Arizona State University

Arriving at Djerassi

By Brian House

Everything is light and air here, we look down on the clouds over the ocean, they stretch out to cover us in mist each night and then recede again each day. Innumerable hawks hunt gophers in the grass, and I already had a bobcat encounter on the trail. 

There's so little anthropogenic sound, which really opens up a lot of headspace, almost uncomfortably so. I've not come to Djerassi in the same state as I would have had this residency not been delayed by the pandemic (maybe more residencies should consider a three year wait between application and event as a means of inspiring perspective?), and some mental and physical recovery from this strange stretch of time is part of the work I'm doing here. 

...But I'm trying to assemble a full-scale installation of my Macrophones project, to hear whatever distant infrasound I can pick up. More on that later. Of course, I also want finish a journal article, get some reading done, compile a stack of notes, and maybe even lay down some tracks? Trying not to let ambition cross with anxiety, I'm just excited and grateful for this time.

I also feel fortunate for this delightful cohort, warm souls and wide ranging minds all.