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We Can Do It: Vasectomy

By Jenifer Wightman

Today, June 24, 2022, the United States Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade (a 1973, "7–2 decision holding that the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides a fundamental "right to privacy", which protects a pregnant woman's right to an abortion").

I'm currently an artist/scientist at the Leonardo session of the Djerassi artist residency. This program was founded and originally supported by Carl Djerassi, who discovered a compound in yams (sweet potatoes) that became pivotal to the design of the contraceptive pill. 

In the US, according to the CDC (2017-2019): https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/contraceptive.htm,

  • Percent of women aged 15-49 currently using the pill: 14.0%
  • Percent of women aged 15-49 currently using long-acting reversible contraception (Intrauterine device or contraceptive implant) 10.4%
  • Percent of women aged 15-49 currently using female sterilization: 18.1%
  • Percent of women aged 15-49 currently using male sterilization: 5.6%

According to a 2019 UN report, 1/4 of women use female sterilization. 


Any contraception provides choiceful liberation for all. Choices to avoid include abstinence, mechanical defense, chemical defense, shared defense; as of today, there is no federal guarantee to choose an abortion in case of an accidental pregnancy (or worse). Prevention of pregnancy holds unequal responsibility on women: the financial cost, the diligent daily stewardship, the corporeal side-effects, and now, when any of those responsibilities fail and a woman does get pregnant, she has to now take on the significant emotional/physical/psychological burden of termination (because let's be honest, who in their right mind ever wants to get an abortion for any reason - it is traumatic personal hell, independent of the moralizing slather layered on by the rest of the world). 

Let's engage rigorous dialogue about male responsibility. 


Cheap, Easy, and Reversible (not quite as easy, but neither is an abortion): Stops all the pain, suffering, and complication of unwanted pregnancy at its source. 

After my unplanned arrival in the 1970s, my dad did it.

We Can Do It!

Let's Talk About Vasectomy !

Let's talk about (va)Sex, baby!

No monthly fees! No forgetting! No daily chemical doses! No contra-indications! Children for and by people who Choicefully Want To Raise Them!

Yes We Can!