Preview: BETWEEN ART AND SCIENCE podcast from Leonardo/ISAST

By Erica Hruby

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Erica Hruby introduces BETWEEN ART AND SCIENCE, the new podcast from Leonardo/International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology. Leonardo/ISAST exists to create a community for transdisciplinary practitioners and to amplify their ideas and their work. In this podcast, you can expect to hear from the creators, makers, thinkers and artists who exist in the spaces in between.

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Host: Erica Hruby
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You've reached the space between art and science. I'm your host, Erica Hruby. I'm editorial director for Leonardo, the International Society for the art Sciences and Technology. And this is your preview about what you can expect on our podcast.

So who is Leonardo? Our namesake is Leonardo da Vinci. And what we are is an international network of people who work in interdisciplinary spaces. Leonardo exists to create a community for these practitioners and to amplify their ideas and their work.

The practice of the artists and the scientists working together isn't new. But the 20th century defined separate paths for the artists scientist and engineer. So while scholarly work became hyper focused in one discipline or another, natural curiosity of the other that was practiced in silos created a network that craved to be connected. So in 1968, our founder, rocket scientist and artist Frank Malina set out to bridge the network together through the popular media, the print journal. Malina felt that the demystification of Modern Art could in part be accomplished by the free exchange of information regarding artistic disciplines.

Leonardo journal was founded over 50 years ago, and today we are much more as the network known as the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology. We continue to provide the journal Leonardo, but we have expanded our publications and programs to meet the needs of artists, scholars and practitioners around the world.

Leonardo supports big ideas in a full cycle of supportive facilitation, skill sharing, symposia, exhibitions, publications, and residencies. Our print publications are in partnership with MIT Press, and these include the Leonardo journal and our popular book series. Digital publications include the Leonardo electronic Almanac web journal, Leonardo abstracts service of peer reviewed transdisciplinary graduate thesis abstracts, and the Leonardo reviews of books, exhibitions, videos, websites and conferences. Leonardo's programs include our international Speaker Series laser talks, which is now hosted in over 40 locales around the globe and virtually, and artists residencies including the Leonardo at Djerassi residency at the Djerassi resident artists program. With Arizona State University we co sponsor the ASU Leonardo imagination fellowship, which has recently completed its prototype season. Through our partnership with Arizona State University, ASU-Leonardo integrates transdisciplinary inquiry and creative practices to solve compelling problems explore timeless mysteries and shape a finer future.

From our beginnings in 1968, Leonardo has served as the virtual community for networking resource sharing, disseminating best practices, supporting research and offering events and publications and art, science and technology. In this podcast, you can expect to hear from the creators, makers, thinkers and artists who exist in the spaces in between. Please join us.