Edmond Couchot: Writings

By Erica Hruby

Edmond Couchot, 19392020

With gratitude we present Edmond Couchot's contributions to Leonardo and Olats spanning four decades. 

"Automatism, Autonomy and Aesthetics in the Performing Arts," Leonardo 52 (2019). Read at MIT Press Read at Project Muse

"Digital Art: The ’60s to the ’80s, from the Point of View of an Observactor," Leonardo 51 (2018). Read at MIT Press Read at Project Muse

"L'art numérique des années soixante aux années quatre-vingt: Le point de vue d'un observacteur," Olats (2015). Read at Olats

"La synthèse du temps," Olats (1989). Read at Olats

"Sujet, Objet, Image," Olats (1987). Read at Olats

"Comments on 'Procedural Art with Computer Graphics Technology,'" Leonardo 20 (1987). Read at Project Muse

"A la recherche du 'temps réel,'" Olats (1985). Read at Olats

"Image puissance image," Olats (1984). Read at Olats

"La synthèse numérique de l'image. Vers un nouvel ordre visuel," Olats (1982). Read at Olats