This Year's Steve Wilson Fellowship has Been Awarded to Sarah Rosalena Brady | Leonardo/ISAST

This Year's Steve Wilson Fellowship Has Been Awarded to Sarah Rosalena Brady

By Sonia Sheridan


A 2018 fellowship has been awarded to Sarah Rosalena Brady, a 2018 UCLA Media Arts graduate.

The fellowship to Leonardo for the Scientific Delirium Madess residency program is named in honor of the late media art pioneer Steve Wilson. The fellowship is made possible by Generative Systems artist Sonia Sheridan who noted, "It is my great honor to recommend a fellowship in Steve Wilson's name. It is a fellowship that I hope will do justice to his belief that artists and scientists working together will enrich the creativity in each field."

The residency is supported by Leonardo, Sonia Sheridan, Djerassi Resident Artists Program donors Anne & Rodney Pearlman, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

2018 is the second year of the Steve Wilson Fellowship :

Sarah Rosalena Brady is the ideal candidate for the Steve Wilson fellowship for she embodies all that  Steve Wilson found important in the advancement of the Arts and Sciences. Sarah Brady’s explorations using tools of the past and the present are based on a search for a philosophy that allows for a union with nature. She has found in the far distant past a link to Shamanism that is very related to Taoism. That is she is rediscovering from the distant past a path to the future through nature.  She puts it best in her own words: “Sarah Rosalena Brady is an artist working in film, computation, sound, and installation. She challenges Western ideological systems to imply a different contextual model that is transformative and transformational.”

Sarah Rosalena Brady is a searcher, a seeker. She is called a researcher. I understand that, because I am called that, but fundamentally she is above all an artist, who uses the old, and the contemporary tools with knowledge and fine craft.  In contemporary terms I say that Sarah represents all of STEAMS in a profoundly weaving, integrated way. Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics and Society. That makes her not just a contemporary artist, but an artist of the future. Her playful sculpture of letters, that are also in the process of becoming, are linguistics morphing into mathematics.



Sarah’s videos show exactly how she understands how to use various aspects of the mind. Here from a video: “Semantic Fragments of Memory: 2012



There is hardly an idea, a thought in the contemporary world of art/science that is not integral to her understanding the path to knowledge that has to be taken. There were many fine art candidates, who were focused on a particular medium, but Sarah Rosa Brady shows a capacity to move around past and new Systems that gives her a vantage point from nature’s top of the mountain, or from outer space.

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About the Steve Wilson Fellowship

An SDM resident will be honored with a fellowship title in the name of late pioneer Steve Wilson. The Scientific Delirium Madness program is made possible through the generous gift from artist Sonia Sheridan in memory of Mr. Wilson. Learn More