If So, What? Festival | Leonardo/ISAST

If So, What? Festival Premieres in San Francisco

By Jennifer Strickland

Sho-Joung Kim-Wechsler and co-founder Linda Helen Gieseke brought the first If So, What? art and design festival to San Francisco on 26–29 April 2018. The festival aimed to foster discussions within the Silicon Valley community about the intersections of art, design and technology.

Members of the Leonardo community who contributed to this event include executive board member Joel Slayton, who acted as a creative advisor, and affiliate member CalArts, which designed a projection mapping installation. Other highlights of this innovative event were an interactive projection installation by San Francisco artist Marpi, an interview with San Francisco-based engineer/artist Clive McCarthy and AI workshops presented by CODAME with artist Gary Boodhoo.

In this video, Gary Boodhoo, Liz Hickok, Ajay Kapur and Marpi present their interactive exhibits to the Leonardo community. Congratulations to the organizers, artists, and participants on a successful inaugural event.