A catalog of wishes - Part 3 | Leonardo/ISASTwith Arizona State University

A catalog of wishes - Part 3

By Katharine Hawthorne

The following are a selection of the wishes for the future generated by audience members who attended my performances of Between the Wish and the Thing at the Boulder International Fringe Festival, August 18-26, 2017:

I wish for the earth to be more green and have more whales.

I wish that he could be free.

I wish to learn how to dance.

I wish to find the perfect hat.

I wish for you to have less worry and less pain in the body.

To keep growing and learning and figure out how best to make a contribution to the world.

I wish for a new president.

I wish that Emerson grows up in a world where it is safe to be a black man.

I wish that Cris may visit Fio & Cessi!

I wish for a better relationship with money.

I wish for greater will to action.

I wish I could backpack through Southeast Asia.

Enough food and water spread across the world to sustain everyone.

I wish for you to be healed, however that looks.

I wish to see the 2024 eclipse.

I wish for my friend to receive a lot of money - enough to be able to rest and enjoy her remaining years.

I wish for health for my mother.

I wish I could be a vegetarian.