Project Delphi introduction | Leonardo/ISASTwith Arizona State University

Project Delphi introduction

By ScottTrent

My name is Scott Trent.  I'm an artist, academic, consultant, community activist and author.  I am you.  Following is an explanation of the Project Delphi experiment:

I’m reaching out to the innovators, thinkers and creators who make up the Leonardo community.

I’m facilitating an experiment, Project Delphi, in an effort to capture, promote and document innovative work being done. 

My hope is by curating the work produced by the community, it will be available for other intellectuals to build on each other’s ideas.

The concept behind the project is we are all testing the future in the projects we’re designing today.


Here's what I'm looking for:

A description of your work in summary, as succinct and precise as you can make it. 

In whatever format or presentation you deem best.  You can submit whatever will best describe your work.  Feel free to use video/animation, links to digital work or images of creations.

For my work, I will flatten your ideas to the page and ultimately need text/drawings/images/pictures representation.  


My contribution:

I will take whatever you offer and find a way to best represent it for others to consume.  I will use symbols, models, text, images to succinctly present your work.

In addition to reflecting your work, my challenge will be finding the ideal way to present/publish the work for mass consumption and open access which encourages promotion and collaboration.

Most work can happen via email, but a call might be best to capture the nuances of the project.



The challenge is to find the best way to present your work in a way that the community can easily access your ideas and best represent what you're doing.



The hope is to inventory the innovations taking place now, offered for others to comment, contribute or collaborate.  In this work, trends, patterns and insights will emerge and with your interpretation of the larger collaboration we hope to get a glimpse of the future.


What’s next?

You can start by answering the three questions: 

1.       What are you doing?

2.      How are you doing it?

3.      What do you need?