Project Delphi FAQ's | Leonardo/ISASTwith Arizona State University

Project Delphi FAQ's

By ScottTrent

1.  What should be submitted?

This should be your pet project, greatest idea, most lauded work, what you want others to see, what you want to get funded, or a project you want to promote for collaboration opportunities.

2.  How is this different than publishing with Leonardo or other ways?

Project Delphi was envisioned as a way to reach the outer edges of the Leonardo community.  The objective is to engage those who are new to the community; but, established in their field.  This project is designed to be flexible, accessible and open to anyone and everyone interested in participating.

3.  Will copyright remain with submitter?   Yes.

4.  Why is this worth my time?

The greatest challenge for anyone who produces work is to balance their attention between production, development, research, practice and promotion.  Add networking and collaboration as you expand the work; there is not enough time in a life to pursue all the paths of discovery.  This project is only as valuable as the contributors.  We will collect work from the most impressive people we can find and make sure this work is available for the larger community to see what emerges.

5.  What is this project providing that other platforms don't?

The hope is to provide an uncommon flexibility and less structure necessary for larger, more established organizations, platforms and venues.  This project can be whatever we choose.  The goal is to follow a heuristic process and produce what the participants imagine which best represents their work and objectives.

6.  How will you promote the work?  What channels do you propose utilizing?

The project will utilize as many media as possible to reach into the varied events, presentations and publications organized by Leonardo/ISAST.

7.  How will Project Delphi provide a "glimpse of the future?"

The idea is the future is being created today by the innovative thinkers of the Leonardo community.  The vision for the project is to capture this work, process and synthesize it and look for patterns to emerge where insight into the future will begin to shape.