A catalog of wishes - Part 2 | Leonardo/ISASTwith Arizona State University

A catalog of wishes - Part 2

By Katharine Hawthorne

The following are a selection of the wishes for the future generated by visitors to Djerassi's Open Studios/Open House event on July 16:


I wish we/I could learn from our/my past mistakes!

Stability and diversity for all.

I wish my sister could find peace and self love.

I wish that Donal Trump would become impeached.

Honey bees flourishing in all their glory.

I wish for whole-heartedness and insight, for wit and detail, for connection to others.

I wish our politicians care more about people than money.

I wish to have my phone be one with my brain.

Beautiful, healing, soundscapes.

Clear skies for the total eclipse.

My wish is to find the love of my life because I have so much love to give.

I wish for cellophane to be forever replaced by something that doesn't heat up the world.

No child will die of cancer.

I wish for a future where all animals are our friends.

A joyful world for our three granddaughters.

I wish I am the same class as my best friend.

All of us will meet again.