A catalog of wishes from Scientific Delirium Madness – Part 1 | Leonardo/ISAST

A catalog of wishes from Scientific Delirium Madness – Part 1

By Katharine Hawthorne

I am making a dance that asks the audience to imagine the future.  The following wishes for the future were generated from my personal studio practice with dancer Elizabeth Chitty, as well as in collaboration with the other Djerassi Residents:


I wish that everything was not so expensive.

I wish I wasn’t afraid of the unknown.

I wish for a future where everyone moves their body.

I wish I had a better relationship with my Dad.  I wish I actually knew him.

I wish I could travel, speak more languages, and connect with people.

I wish for a feeling of safety, togetherness and cooperation for all.

More compassion, less competition.  All the alpha males die off and society is reformed.

I wish I lived on a farm and could grow my own food.

I wish for the silence to find more wishes.

I wish to spend 3 lifetimes meditating in a Buddhist monastery.

I wish to not take on the burdens on the world and its pain.

I wish for Trump to be impeached and climate change reversed.

Extraterrestrial life.

I wish we could express ourselves more freely and with less social judgement or mainstream judgement.

I wish for peace for mothers whose children have been killed by police officers.

I wish to be held in your arms all night.

I wish for a greater understanding of and ability to hold complexity.

May the “human” world and the “natural” world get slightly better every day.

A good life for my children.

I wish to fly like a hawk over Djerassi.