a few notes on foam | Leonardo/ISASTwith Arizona State University

a few notes on foam

By Adam Zaretsky
Pertaining to the castration of Uranus’ Penis by his son, there is the question of the meaning of the word foam. According to the mythos, Uranus’ penis was dropped in the ocean and the bubbles or the foam from the dismembered shevacadoo mixing in the ocean went on to form Aphrodite. Upon reading about the foam of the castration, I immediately thought it was sperm leaking out from the severed testicles of Uranus. I asked around the residency and Maja Spasova, artist and resident at Leonardo Delirium Madness said, “the foam is obviously the sperm mixing with the ocean, making a baby with the ocean.” It is always nice to hear your kook based thought process echoed in someone else’s reading of the same symbolic story.