the genitals fell into the much-surging sea | Leonardo

the genitals fell into the much-surging sea

By Adam Zaretsky

“you can check lines 188-190 of Hesiod's Theogyny ‘they fell from the mainland into the much-surging sea, so that the sea carried them for a long time.’ Therefore, no reference to the place where the genitals fell, but if you keep reading “lines 190-200 from the foam around them in the sea Aphrodite was created near the island of Kythira (south of the Pelloponese) and from there she follows to Cyprus (next to Turkey). No reference to the island of Kerkyra or Corfu is made by Hesiod (according to local folklore, based on its shape, the island is supposed to have been created in the place where Cronus flung the sickle). In conclusion, my advice is to install the sculpture wherever worship is necessary, maybe, in some of the states where chemical castration is legally used as a punishment for child molestation, for example California where you are right now. Seems like a very interesting project and the fact that it is inspired in Ancient Greek mythology should not limit its placement.”

– Prof. Dalila Honorato, Media Aesthetics and Semiotics at the Department of Audio and Visual Arts, Ionian University in Corfu, Greece