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By Adam Zaretsky
Propaganda, Body Horror, Segmentation, Multitudes Propaganda, Body Horror, Segmentation, Multitudes


I was looking at the protocol and considering a DIY refresh media for after the shocking of the sperm. After electroporation cells need to be given a rich media within five seconds so they don’t all die of the electroconvulsive pulsing. I thought perhaps high voltage shocked sperm likes Gatorade afterward? Am I nearly ready to go?

During the day, I was editing some footage I shot years ago. The interview was with Georgia Woods, UCD Neurology. She was giving a demo about how to use a BioRad helios Gene Gun (a gene gun is a biolistic device which uses high velocity gold nanoparticles to penetrate cells so foreign DNA can get into the genomes of living cells.)

Well, second synchronicity of the week, Georgia and I were chatting off the cuff on the long sitting video and I mentioned electroporation. This was years ago. She said that she had an aversion to electroporators due to the fact that they will fry your cells if you don't remove the salt properly. Georgia didn't like the ‘jack-in-the-box’ feeling that your might be just killing your experiment with the device. I had forgotten about the rinsing process to remove salt and make the cells electrocompetent. Now I am researching how to make a DIY human sperm desalination rinse.