Quantum Dot Music Evolution | Leonardo/ISASTwith Arizona State University

Quantum Dot Music Evolution

By Eathan Janney
A few weeks ago Guillermo and I posted about our first foray into representing quantum dots musically. We realized there was much more potential to explore this idea. In our subsequent days at Djerassi we developed another, richer, Quantum Dot Music collaborative project. Through this project we mixed concepts of nanostructure semiconductors, single Quantum Dot (QD) optical emission and music. We translated emission spectra of QDs, to produce a visual/musical interface that allowed users to explore the unique sounds that our methods generated for each QD. The interface was presented at the open house at Djerassi on Sunday, July 19th 2105. Below you can see an image of the interface. We also include several sound sample that you can listen to.

Figure 2

[audio wav="/sites/default/files/wordpress_uploads/2015/07/qd2_sound_rhythm_x.wav"][/audio] [audio wav="/sites/default/files/wordpress_uploads/2015/07/qd3_sound_rhythm_x.wav"][/audio] [audio wav="/sites/default/files/wordpress_uploads/2015/07/qd4_sound_rhythm_x.wav"][/audio] [audio wav="/sites/default/files/wordpress_uploads/2015/07/qd1_sound_rhythm_.wav"][/audio]