Collaborations through time and space | Leonardo/ISASTwith Arizona State University

Collaborations through time and space

By Laurel Shastri
Exploring 'Door-Space' Exploring 'Door-Space'

Ephemera. Is it meaningful? A dance is but a moment. The seasons change with the cycle of the earth. A sculpture lasts maybe decades or centuries, if it's lucky. The hills are shaped and changed over eons of geologic time. Yet within its own scale, each creation will leave an imprint; and at the confluence of an intersecting moment, many such creations will converge to something new entirely. I wanted to collaborate through time and space with previous resident artists, whom I have only met through their artwork here at Djerassi. Could I, with my dancer's tools, create new space within an already existing work of art? In the photo above, I explore Peter Mueller's Door-Space created in 2006. The photographer is Karl Schaffer.