Djerassi Day 2 - Light Rhythms | Leonardo/ISASTwith Arizona State University

Djerassi Day 2 - Light Rhythms

By Eathan Janney
20150701_071132_256 Day two: On my morning walk the early light through the dewy trees creates a rhythm that enamors me. I've been studying rhythms of the thrush nightingale in my research. I record a video on my walk. I run my hand through the light patterns, creating a one dimensional slice of luminosity through the complex patterns. It evokes sonic rhythms in my mind. This is some of my art for the day: light rhythms.
About the bars of light across the trees About the shadows blocking each trunk into a geometric stage for more shadow play About the depth the eye perceives through the limbs when my shadow touched itself
torched it
where was your shadow?
—from "Shadow Zoo," The Loving Detail of the Living & the Dead, Eleni Sikelianos