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not a trick question, but

By Ari Frankel

I have finally chosen one of the 5-6 projects floating through my musical mind to focus on developing.  Or perhaps it chose me.  That doesn't matter just now.  I should be able to complete it during this exciting residency.  And while it is a bit early to speak about it in detail, I do want to share one 1'15" movement I've composed yesterday here.  Its working title is tight but it may end up not having any more than a movement #X heading.  Please click PLAY below to look/listen to these 75 seconds and LEAVE A REPLY here.  What does it convey?  What does it make you feel?  What mood or emotion or thought does it raise?  I'd love to read your impressions.

[video width="640" height="360" m4v="/sites/default/files/wordpress_uploads/2014/07/TIGHT.m4v"][/video]