Architecting Global Communities | Leonardo/ISASTwith Arizona State University

Architecting Global Communities

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Through interdisciplinary collaboration, transnational communication and planetary citizenship, how do we build stronger communities committed to social justice, elevating underrepresented voices, and bridging the digital divide?

All programing is on-demand through the Ars Electronica platform site 8 - 30 September CEST unless otherwise noted.


Moana Digitalities: A Talanoa,” is a conversation about digitalization’s potential to bring Moana communities a more equitable and inclusive future. LASER Auckland. Watch now.


Gloves Off: A Performative Debate about DIY Labs and Citizen Science,” raises critical issues at this precarious time, when genomic information is widely accessible. LASER New York City. Watch now.


Urgent Since a Long Time Now: A Sonic Collage & Cut-Up & Cut Away,” is a transnational collaboration using poetry, deep listening and the power of the voice to decolonize knowledge. LASER NomadLISTEN Now.


The Laboratory for Embodied Intelligences” is a creative exploration of embodied thinking, as evidenced by microbial behavior. LASER Pasadena. Watch now.


Talking about Research, Education and Health with Science and Art” is an artistic documentation of research about health and well-being conducted with the residents and patients of Brazilian slums. LASER Rio de Janeiro. Watch now.


In Place: Representing Environmental Racism on Tribal Lands and Communities of Color” is a conversation examining the legacy of extractive industries and resource exploitation in New Mexico. LASER Santa Fe. Watch now.


Communities and Collaborative Art Practice from Local to Global” is a conversation and interdisciplinary storytelling collaboration, community building and cross-cultural communication. LASER St. Petersburg. Watch now.


Nooroa Tapuni (NZ), Lana Lopesi (NZ), Janine Randerson (NZ), Robert Crouch (US), Stephen Nowlin (US), Phil Niblock (US), Katherine Liberovskaya (CA), Carol Parkinson (US), Sergey Teterin (LT), Natalia Kolodzei (US)


LASER Hosts and Partners

AUT University, Auckland
Auckland, New Zealand
LASER Chair(s): Janine Randerson and Andrew Denton
New York, United States
LASER Chair(s): Ellen Levy, Patricia Olynyk
Other Partner: Washington University in St. Louis
Ubiquitous Lab
Berlin, Germany
LASER Chair(s): Luca Forcucci
ArtCenter College of Design/Williamson Gallery
Pasadena, United States
LASER Chair(s): Stephen Nowlin, Robert Crouch
Other Partner: Fulcrum Arts
SciArt Santa Fe
Santa Fe, United States
LASER Chair(s): Andrea Polli, Susan Latham
Oswaldo Cruz Foundation
Manguinhos, Brazil
LASER Chair(s): João Silveira, Tania Araujo-Jorge, Rejane Spitz, and Maria da Conceição Barbosa-Lima
Other Partner: State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ)
Cyland MediaArtLab
Yerevan, Armenia
LASER Chair(s): Anna Frants, Natalia Kolodzei
Washington University in St. Louis
St. Louis, United States
Fulcrum Arts
Pasadena, United States
LASER Chair(s): Robert Crouch
Other Partner: ArtCenter College of Design/Williamson Gallery
State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ)
UN Sustainability Goals