LEA Special Issue: Dispersive Anatomies

Dispersive Anatomies Papers

Sandy Baldwin, "Introduction: the Anatomy of Dispersion"
Alan Sondheim, "The Uselessness of Monoculture"
Andy Clarke, "Dispersed Selves"
Alphonso Lingis, "The Inner Cauldron; the Upward Array"
Tom Zummer, "A Cartography of Interstices: Some Annotations Toward the Mapping of Biological-Technological Embodiment"
Jon Marshall, "The Physiognomy of Dispersed Power"
Maria Chatzichristodoulou, "When Presence & Absence Turn Into Pattern & Randomness: Can You See Me Now?"
Joy James, "Mind the Gap"
Barbara Rauch, "'Natural' and Digital Virtual Realities"
Franziska Schroeder and Pedro Rebelo, "Sounding the Network: The Body as Disturbant"
Tanya Vujinovic, "Tactile Nodes"
Patrick Lichty, "The Translation of Art in Virtual Worlds"
Sugar Seville, "The I in Avatar"
Jon Cates, "A Prospect of the Dispersive Anatomies"
Marko Monteiro, "Molecular Representations"
Matthew Holtmeier "Scars, Cars, and Bodies without Organs: Techno-colonialism in J.G. Ballard's Crash"

Dispersive Anatomies Gallery

Mez Breeze, Introduction
Marcel O'Gorman, "Dreadmill"
Nathaniel Stern and Pall Thayer, "Ripple"
Eugenio Tisselli, "JB Wock Blog"
Luther Thie, Eyal Fried, "Acclair"
Vince Dziekan, "Remote"
Jon Cates, "A Prospect Of The Dispersive Anatomies"

Special thanks to Nisar Keshvani, LEA Editor in Chief, 2001-2008

Updated 19 August 2009