LEA Special Issue: Creative Data

Guest Editors: Jack Ox, Jeremy Hight, and Erik Champion

The Creative Data special issue features papers and artworks that deal with the emerging practice of data visualization as an immersive experience. Data has long been the property and domain of screen-based collection, archiving, processing and interaction. The emergence of new processes, functionality and ways of interacting with information is opening up several new areas of great possibility in which the data allows newfound thematic and engaging forms of immersion, as well as innovative and perception-reshaping interaction. Consider a simple analogy; to swim in a pool is to understand three-dimensionality, interaction, spatial relationships and a macro-micro view, as well as contextual and embodied interaction. Can we swim with data? How do we build, debate and discuss the future and shape of immersivity in its relation to data? Can the representation of data as an immersive environment be considered a creative accomplishment or support creativity in action or as spectacle? How does this change the way we collect and archive information? How does it relate to our ways of interacting with information in study and analysis? How can this enhance or fuse key aspects of image projection, virtual reality, augmented reality, new media and even locative media?

The essays, interviews, reports and other forms of writing look at spatialization and layering of information, a greater sense of immersion, new forms of visualization and depth of field, precedents, future applications and connotations, our relationship to immersion and information inherently as how this applies to this new area.

Jack Ox, Jeremy Hight, and Erik Champion, Creative Data: Visualisation, Augmentation, Telepresence and Immersion
Trish Adams, "Machina Carnis"
Joe Faith, "Interactive Data Exploration with Targeted Projection Pursuit"
Joanna Griffin, "Satellite Stories: Immersion in the Large-Scale Projection of Google Earth and Public Storytelling"
Cindy Keefer, "'Raumlichtmusik' - Early 20th Century Abstract Cinema Immersive Environments"
Carol LaFayette, "Atta, Palindrome"
Luther Thie, "LA Interchange: A Real-Time Memorial"
Klaus Wassermann, et al."lifeClipper - Commonality in Images"
Ruth West, et al., "Algorithmic Object as Natural Specimen: Meta Shape Grammar Objects from Atlas in Silico"

Special thanks to Nisar Keshvani, LEA Editor in Chief, 2001-2008

Updated 14 October 2009