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50th Anniversary Event Volunteer Opportunities

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Be part of a movement that celebrates 50 years of art and science

This movement  isn’t a question answered. It is asking what hasn’t been questioned before. Merging scientific exploration with artistic ideas sparked new concepts and inventions leading up to and during World World II. Disciplines bled into one another and great minds were experimenting with art and physics and chemistry and media and engineering and cybernetics. What was truly crazy? That this was almost completely unheard of during that period of time. But in that burgeoning moment, Frank Malina, an American scientist and artist, dared to push the boundaries of what was possible. He directed the WAC Corporal program that put the first rocket into space and cofounded the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Not only was he an active participant in the development of rocket science but he was also an artist who moved from traditional media to mesh, string and canvas constructions and finally to experiments with light, which led to his development of systems for kinetic painting.

Among Frank Malina, people like Jack Parsons, Frank Oppenheimer, Ray Bradbury, John Cage and many others emerged. But they needed a place to communicate their ideas. So Frank Malina founded Leonardo journal, a peer-reviewed art and science publication, in the late 1960s. Decades later, print was still the medium of choice, but an organization was formed by Frank Malina’s son Roger Malina to elevate voices all around the world who continue to explore ideas. Leonardo/The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology is a partner-driven organization, a network of networks. Publishing is our medium; community is our platform.

And you are part of our community. You’re here because you care about our mission, about transdisciplinary relationships—what our founder Frank Malina developed. Today, Leonardo/ISAST disseminates information through journals, digital media and programs. As we’re turning 50 years old, being commemorated with over 20 international events, we invite you to join us at the Convening, a culmination of our 50th anniversary in San Francisco on 3–4 November. It’s our opportunity to hear your thoughts and imagine the next 50 years together. At our flagship event, we want to inspire you, engage with you using the five senses. Not just as Leonardo/ISAST, but as a movement.

Leonardo/ISAST needs lots of volunteers to lend a hand at the Convening, and we have several openings available. These openings include setup for events, AV technician, public relations, merchandise table, information guides, etc.

Here are 3+ reasons for you and your group of friends to join:

  1. Develop new management skills from behind the scenes at a high-level event celebration among artists, scientists and technologists.

  2. Attend inspiring discussions during our live transdisciplinary experiences to learn and share with the most forward-thinking and creative cross-disciplinary minds for FREE ($295 value)

  3. Delve deeper in the art-science movement. Help us reimagine the next 50 years of art, science and technology.

  4. Complimentary t-shirt with Leonardo’s 50th logo and other swag!

Please review the list below and consider where you'd like to volunteer.

Volunteer Opportunities

Before event.

Design T-shirts for volunteers and for sale, design pins or other swag for sale, price items, identify sales platform.

Content Editor
Help put together our 50th-anniversary catalog.

Help create one-of-kind pieces to give away during the event.

Volunteer Coordinator
Work with organizing all of our volunteers, plan schedules, organize volunteer party.

During event.

Setup Crew
Set up registration, chairs, tables, AV, installation, wayfinding signage, food and drink areas.

A/V Technicians
Set up A/V cameras, speakers, mics, projectors, etc. Work with artists, presenters. Need to be in room with artists/presenters for technical issues

Information Guides
Direct people to rooms, answer questions, support artists and others attendees.

Photographer and/or Videographer
Take pictures of sessions, attendees, environment, etc.

Breakroom Assistant
Keep breakroom clean, stocked with food and snacks, ensure only artists and volunteers have access.

Merchandise Table
Merchandise sales, subscriptions, donations.

Cleanup Crew
Take down chairs, signage, tables, installations. Put in appropriate places. Clean up rooms, put away trash and recycling. Walls are put back together, resurfaced, repainted or patched, floors swept, etc.

After event.

Social Media Production
Organize photos and videos from event and prep for social channels.

Content Editor
Help put together our 50th-anniversary catalog.


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Any questions, please email danielle@leonardo.info