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John F. Barber

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John F. Barber

Dr. John F. Barber teaches in the Digital Technology and Culture program at Washington State University Vancouver. His research and publication often examines changing communication and speculation potentials wrought by shifting relationships between technology, art, science, and the humanities. For example, New Worlds, New Words: Exploring Pathways for Writing about and in Electronic Environments, a volume edited with Dene Grigar, focuses on the future of writing resulting from its move to inhabit electronic spaces. Within his research interest areas of electronic archiving, interface design, and information architecture, Barber has published chapters in Going Wireless, Texts and Technology, The Online Writing Classroom, Electronic Networks, HighWired, and Studies in Technical Communication; articles in print journals like Readerly Writerly Text, Works and Days, Leonardo, and Pre/Text; and articles in electronic journals like Leonardo Digital Reviews, Fine Art Forum, and Kairos. He is the Developer and Curator of Brautigan Bibliography and Archive, an online, interactive information structure known as the preeminent resource on the life and work of Richard Brautigan. An upshot of this project is Richard Brautigan: Essays on the Writings and Life, an anthology of essays about Brautigan, his work, and his place in American literature. Barber is creator-developer-writer of the award-winning website series Dr. John's Eazy-Peazy Guides.


Updated 1st October 2003.

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