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Amy Ione


Amy Ione
2342 Shattuck Ave, #527
Berkeley, CA 94704

www.diatrope.com and


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Amy Ione

Amy Ione, international lecturer, a painter, and writer, is presently the Director of The Diatrope Institute, based in Berkeley, California. From 2005-2007, she served as a Chair of the Leonardo Education Forum and has explored discovery, creativity, innovation, invention, and historical challenges in art and science for over 25 years. Current projects include editing a special issue for the Journal of the History of Neuroscience on Visual Images and Visualization (scheduled for publication in 2008). In the past, she has published four books, most recently Innovation and Visualization: Trajectories, Strategies, and Myths (Rodopi, 2005) and is widely published in the books and journals of several disciplines, including Trends in Cognitive Science, The Encyclopedia of Creativity, and the Journal of Consciousness Studies.

Updated 5 November 2008.

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