Todd Siler "Fractal Reactor: An Alternative Geometry for Nuclear Fusion," mixed media, 2000. copyright: T. Siler

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Leonardo/ISAST serves the international arts community by promoting and documenting work at the intersection of the arts, sciences, and technology, and by encouraging and stimulating collaboration between artists, scientists, and technologists.

Leonardo/ISAST is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We depend largely on the support of our community.

Your donation ensures the continuation of the many programs and activities of Leonardo/ISAST.

The following special projects are only some of the programs and activities that your donation will help to support.

Leonardo Educators and Students Program

As part of its ongoing effort to promote the advancement of scholarship in the field of art/science/technology, Leonardo has developed a series of initiatives under the Leonardo Educators and Students Program. These include:

- Participation in the Annual College Art Association (CAA) Conference
- Leonardo Abstracts Service (LABS)
- Leonardo International Faculty Alerts list
- Special Student Discounts on new membership/subscriptions to Leonardo

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Leonardo Awards Program

Leonardo/ISAST, established in 1982, serves the international art community by providing channels of communication for artists, scholars, technologists, scientists, educators, students and others interested in the arts, with an emphasis on documenting the voices of artists all over the world who use science and developing technologies in their work. As part of our mission of encouraging the innovative presentation of technology-based arts, Leonardo/ISAST recognizes artists and organizations interested in the use of new media in contemporary artistic expression through cash awards given via the Leonardo Awards Program.

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Global Crossings

The Leonardo Global Crossings Project (funded in part by the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation) recognizes the contribution of artists and scholars from culturally diverse communities worldwide who work in the art-science-technology field, The Leonardo Global Crossing Project supports the work of artists outside of Western Europe and North America by publishing their work in our journals, recognizing exceptional work through the Leonardo Awards Program and enabling and supporting participation at events and conferences.

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Smart Textiles Special Project

The Smart Textiles Special Project expands on Leonardo's archive of textile art documentation by focusing on textile artists and scientists around the world who work with smart textiles or the new textiles science and technology. This project recognizes the memory of Marjorie Duckworth Malina, one of Leonardo's long-time key supporters, and her dedication to the ideals of international cooperation by emphasizing the participation of artists throughout the world.

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Community Collaborations

Leonardo/ISAST has collaborated with a number of art, science and technology institutions and organizations over the past 20 years. Collaborations have resulted in publishing projects on a variety of topics (see our Special Projects page and our Calls for Papers page for current examples), events, workshops, symposia, conferences, salons, lectures.

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Updated 22 September 2010