Leonardo Music Journal Volume 7, (1997)

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Leonardo Music Journal is a print journal, published annually. Leonardo Music Journal is edited by Leonardo/the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology, and published by the MIT Press.

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A Turn in the Shrubbery---Music, Technology and Words

by Nicolas Collins

Artists' Articles

To Be and Not To Be: Aspects of the Interaction Between Instrumental and Electronic Compositional Methods

by Flo Menezes

Experiences in Digital Terrain: Using Digital Elevation Models as Determinants for Musical Composition

by Bill Thibault and Scot Gresham-Lancaster

General Article

Quotation and Context: Sampling and John Oswald's Plunderphonics

by Kevin Holm-Hudson

Technical Article

The Evolution of Musical Organisms

by Bruno Degazio

Theoretical Perspective

Propositional Music: On Emergent Properties in Morphogenesis and the Evolution of Music, Part II: Imponderable Forms and Compositional Methods

by David Rosenboom

Special Section: Conference Papers from the Seventh International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA 96)

Online Sound and Virtual Architecture (Contribution to the Geography of Cultural Translation)

by Sean Cubitt

Machine Learning and Sound Design: A Case Study

by Eduardo Reck Miranda

CD Companion

Cocks Crow, Dogs Bark: New Compositional Intentions

by Larry Polansky

Metamusic/Metatext: The Blurry Boundaries Around Distributed Compositional Systems

by Nick Didkovsky

This Is Art, Not Science

by Gordon Monro

Contributors' Notes

Charles Ames, Warren Burt, David Feldman, Daniel Goode, Mary Simoni, Laurie Spiegel, Christian Wolff

Music/Science Forum

Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival 1997

by Jody Diamond

Artist's Statement

The Evolution of the Musical Keyboard

by Jacob Duringer


Marc Battier, Patrick Lambelet

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