Leonardo Music Journal Volume 22, 2012

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Leonardo Music Journal is a print journal, published annually. Leonardo Music Journal is edited by Leonardo/the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology, and published by the MIT Press.

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Acoustics

by Nicolas Collins


A Compositional Approach Derived from Material and Ephemeral Elements

by Ellen Fullman

This article is available for free download from the MIT Press web site.

Environmental Sonification of Rainfall with Long Wire Instruments

by David Burraston

Acoustics: Real Life, Real Time---Why the Flutist and Flute Had to Evolve

by Robert Dick

Materials Innovation in Acoustic Guitars: Challenging the Tonal Superiority of Wood

by Owain Pedgley and Eddie Norman

Resonance: From the Architectural to the Microscopic

by John Driscoll

Miraculous Agitations: On the Uses of Chaotic, Non-Linear and Emergent Behavior in Acoustic Vibrating Physical Systems

by Daniel Wilson

Musical Robotics in a Loudspeaker World: Developments in Alternative Approaches to Localization and Spatialization

by Jim Murphy, Ajay Kapur and Dale Carnegie

TAPIR: Sound as a New Medium for Music

by Woon Seung Yeo, Keunhyoung Kim, Seunghun Kim and Jeong-seob Lee

Weakness, Ambience and Irrelevance: Failure as a Method for Acoustic Variety

by Tim Feeney

Sonic Objects, Resonance and Chaotics

by Phil Edelstein


Organ of Corti: A Listening Device

by David Prior

Acoustic Mirage: A Psychoacoustic Sound Installation

by Ellen Band

Sustained Tones and the Auditory Experience

by Richard Glover

Sound Is Not Enough

by Henry Gwiazda

Soundscape as Interface: The Threshold Project

by Kristian Derek Ball

Ear as Instrument

by Christopher Haworth

The Silenced Listener: Architectural Acoustics, the Concert Hall and the Conditions of Audience

by Lewis Kaye

Sonification and Acoustic Environments

by Scot Gresham-Lancaster and Peter Sinclair

On the Conception and Measure of Consonance

by Alex Wand

It’s for You: Muddy Waters’ Long Distance Call and How Delta Blues Re-Set the Controls for the Heart of the Earth

by David First

ON-LINE SUPPLEMENT: Alvin Lucier---A Celebration


by Ronald Kuivila

Between Composition and Phenomena: Interpreting "In Memoriam John Higgins"

by Anthony Burr

Resonance Comes between Notes and Noise

by Nicolas Collins

Reframing Sounds

by Andrew Raffo Dewar

Music on a Long Thin Wire

by Hauke Harder

Alvin Lucier: A Performer’s Notes

by Charles Curtis

Images and Actions in the Music of Alvin Lucier

by Ronald Kuivila

Thoughts on Alvin Lucier and Performance

by Richard Lerman

Semiotics, Presence and the Sublime in the Work of Alvin Lucier

by Justin Yang


Tracklist and Credits

CD Introduction: Acoustics

by Daniel James Wolf

CD Contributors' Notes

Notes on LMJ22 CD tracks by Chris Molla, Ann Warde, Judy Dunaway, Hauke Harder, Miguel Frasconi, Kiyomitsu Odai

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