Leonardo Music Journal Volume 16 (2006)

with Compact Disc

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Noises Off: Sound Beyond Music

Introduction: Noises Off: Sound Beyond Music

by Nicolas Collins


Interactive Sonification: Aesthetics, Functionality and Performance

by Gil Weinberg and Travis Thatcher

Listening to the Mind Listening: An Analysis of Sonification Reviews, Designs and Correspondences

by Stephen Barrass, Mitchell Whitelaw and Freya Bailes

space-dis-place: How Sound and Interactivity Can Reconfigure Our Apprehension of Space

by Stuart Jones

Notes on A Record of Fear: On the Threshold of the Audible

by Louise K. Wilson

Acoustic, Electric and Virtual Noise: The Cultural Identity of the Guitar

by Gavin Carfoot

Artists' Statements

Spatio-Aural Terrains

by Thanos Chrysakis

Toward a Post-Phenomenology of Extra-Musical Sound as Compositional Determinant

by Seth Cluett

sLowlife: Sonification of Plant Study Data

by John Gibson

Heat and the Heartbeat of the City: Sonifying Data Describing Climate Change

by Andrea Polli

Special Section: Sound and the Social Organization of Space

Introduction: Sound and the Social Organization of Space

by Tara Rodgers

Sonification/Listening Up

by Carrie Bodle

Anatomy of an Amalgamation

by Beth Coleman and Howard Goldkrand

Sound Library: A Motion Picture Event

by Chris Kubick and Anne Walsh

Recording Carceral Landscapes

by Trevor Paglen


by Matt Volla

Special Section: UNYAZI

Introduction: UNYAZI

by Jürgen Bräuninger

Music Technology at Stellenbosch University

by Theo Herbst

The Burkina Electric Project and Some Thoughts about Electronic Music in Africa

by Lukas Ligeti

Pauline Oliveros in the Arms of Reynols: A Collaboration

by Pauline Oliveros

The Anxiety of the Client: Dilemmas of the Database as a Compositional Tool

by Matthew Ostrowski

The Borders of Identity: A Personal Perspective

by Rodrigo Sigal

LMJ16 CD Companion

Interpreting the Soundscape

CD Curator's Introduction on Vox ex Machina by Peter Cusack

Tracklist and Credits
CD Contributors' Notes

Tonya Wimmer: Scotian Shelf 1 and Scotian Shelf 2
Andrea Polli and Joe Gilmore: N. April 16, 2006
Jacob Kirkegaard: Concert Room
Chris Watson: Blue Grass Music and Ant-Steps
Rafal Flejter: Bridge Vibrations
Chris DeLaurenti: Our Streets!
Christina Kubisch: Magnetic Nets
Charles Stankievech: Möbius Fields
Rebecca Laurence: Sonic Postcards
Yannick Dau

by : Taiwanese Animal Phonography
Pascal Battus: Sound Massages

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