Leonardo Music Journal Volume 15 (2005)

with Compact Disc

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The Word: Voice, Language and Technology

The Word: Voice, Language and Technology

by Nicolas Collins


Artificial Phonology: Disembodied Humanoid Voice for Composing Music with Surreal Languages

by Eduardo Reck Miranda

Beyond Babble: A Text-Generation Method and Computer Program for Composing Text, Sound Music and Poetry

by Timothy D. Polashek

Voice Networks: The Human Voice as a Creative Medium for Musical Collaboration

by Gil Weinberg

Sound Body: The Ghost of a Program

by David Toop

Sounds of a Community: Cultural Identity and Interactive Art

by Robert J. Gluck

Experiments with Whistling Machines

by Marc Böhlen and J.T. Rinker

Technology Is Culture: Two Paradigms

by Basile Zimmermann

Composer's Notebook: Interpreting

by Daniel Goode

Sounding the Outer Limits

by Jaap Blonk with René van Peer

Artists' Statements

One Inch Equals 25 Miles: Prose Generates Music

by M. Sumner Carnahan

Corporate Coitus: Disfluencies as Compositional Building Blocks

by David Hahn

Language Master: Its Master's Voice

by Ed Osborn

LMJ15 CD Companion

Vox ex Machina
CD Curator's Introduction on Vox ex Machina

by Jaap Blonk

Tracklist and Credits
CD Contributors' Notes
Tomomi Adachi: KANA
Américo Rodrigues: O som que circula nas veias
Christian Bök: Mushroom Clouds
Sprechakte X/Treme: Vielleicht
Vincent Barras and Jacques Demierre: OOA
Ricardo Dal Farra: . . . due giorni dopo
Jelle Meander: Al Amin Dada
Jörg Piringer: en do
Kenneth Goldsmith: Eighteen Earrers
Julien Ottavi: voix imprrsonel
Daniel Goode: Juicy Cantata---Violence in America
Anne-James Chaton: Extraordinary Voyages
Christian Bök: Synth Loops
Lasse Marhaug: May Rap Bonk Bonk---MAJAAP Pudding Mix

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