Leonardo and LMJ Sample Articles

Meaning without Borders: likn and Distributed Knowledge
by Ben Syverson (Leonardo-EMS 2006 Excellence Award Winner)

Electric Body Manipulation as Performance Art: A Historical Perspective
by Arthur Elsenaar and Remko Scha (Leonardo Music Journal 12)

Lost and Found: The Mincer
by John Richards

Sculpting Ionized Plasma
by Jean-Louis Lhermitte (Leonardo 34:3)

Editorial: The Coming and Going of Images
by Rudolf Arnheim (Leonardo 33:3)

The Wonderful Caddis Worm: Sculptural Work in Collaboration with Trichoptera
by Hubert Duprat and Christian Besson

"Reflectionism" and "Diffusionism": New Tactics for Deconstructing the Video Surveillance Superhighway
by Steve Mann

Art, Design and Gestalt Theory
by Roy R. Behrens

Life Music: The Sonification of Proteins
by John Dunn and Mary Anne Clark

The Data Dandy and Sovereign Media: An Introduction to the Media Theory of ADILKNO
by Geert Lovink

The Politics of the Artificial
by Victor Margolin

The Souillac Charter for Art and Industry: A Framework for Collaboration (Part I, 1997)
with introductions by Don Foresta and Fernando Lagrana

The Souillac Charter for Art and Industry: Building on the Framework (Part II, 1998)
with introduction by Martin Malvy

Holography: Exploring a New Art Realm -- Shaping Empty Space with Light
by Rudie Berkhout

Bridge To, Bridge From: The Arts, Technology and Education
by Carol Gigliotti

Visualization, Cultural Mediation and Dual Creativity
by Frank Popper

The Politics of the Artificial
by Victor Margolin

Leonardo's Geology: The Authenticity of the Virgin of the Rocks
by Ann C. Pizzorusso

Veni Redemptor: The Metallic Masks of God
by Carmen Hermosillo

Updated 14 October 2009