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Leonardo Call for Papers

Leonardo Celebrates Leonardo Da Vinci

Special Section of Leonardo, 2007-2008

In celebration of Leonardo journal's 40th anniversary, we issued a call for essays related to Leonardo da Vinci and his concerns regarding the relationship between art and science. The call for papers in the framework of our 40th anniversary is now closed, however on an ongoing basis we will continue to consider manuscript proposals on this topic. We are interested in submissions in which Leonardo's own concerns serve as a springboard for looking towards the present. What, building upon Leonardo's ways of thinking, can artists and scientists tell each other today? We also seek original accounts of his visual art, of his achievements as a proto-scientist and of the relation between his concerns with science and with visual art.

Recommended length: 2,500-3,500 words
Illustrations per essay: 5-8 black-and-white images; possibly one color image.

Prospective authors are encouraged to review the Leonardo Author Guidelines on the Web.

All papers will be peer-reviewed prior to acceptance for publication.

Please send inquiries and submissions to: leonardomanuscripts@gmail.com

Updated 29 August 2007

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