Leonardo Art History Project

The Leonardo Art History Project is a project of Leonardo/ISAST and Leonardo/Olats. The Leonardo Art History Project involves various publications, activities and events. The aim of the project is to establish reliable, selected, on-line documentation about twentieth-century artists whose works and ideas are considered seminal in the development of techno-science art.

Re:live 2009 Media Art History Conference

26-29 November 2009, Melbourne, Australia

The third iteration of the Media Art History conference series, Re:live, will take place 26-29 November 2009 in Melbourne Australia. The event follows the success of the two previous Media Art History conferences, Re:fresh (Banff 2005) and Re:place (Berlin 2007). The conference series is an initiative of Leonardo/ISAST and papers from the conference will be published in Leonardo Journal. The deadline to submit papers was December 19, 2008.

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Re:place 2007 Media Art History Conference

15-18 November 2007, Berlin, Germany

re:place 2007 included presentations and discussions of exemplary approaches to the rapport between art, media, science and technology. The title, 're:place', was intended to impose a thematic focus on locatedness and the migration of knowledge and knowledge production in the interdisciplinary contexts of art, historiography, science and technology.

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Refresh! Media Art History Conference

28 Sept - 3 Oct 2005, Banff, Canada

Recognizing the increasing significance of media art for our culture, this conference discussed for the first time the history of media art within the interdisciplinary and intercultural contexts of the histories of art.

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Pioneers and Pathbreakers

Leonardo/OLATS Pioneers and Pathbreakers Project

Hosted on the Leonardo/Olats website, this project documents the lives and work of early technology-based artists including Frank Malina, Abraham Palatnik, Charles Csuri, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Nicolas Schöffer and Karl-Heinz Stockhausen.

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Call for Papers

On the history of developments in the arts, sciences and technology. Topics include memoirs by pioneer artists using new media, texts by art historians and other scholars examining the interaction between the contemporary arts and science or technology in the work of individuals or groups of artists, theoretical and other analytical texts addressing current developments in art/technology within the context of earlier movements in this and prior centuries.

Pioneers and Pathbreakers Call for Papers

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Leonardo Educators and Students Program

Leonardo Education Forum

The Leonardo Education Forum (LEF) promotes the advancement of artistic research and academic scholarship at the intersections of art, science, and technology. Serving practitioners, scholars, and students who are members of the Leonardo community, LEF provides a forum for collaboration and exchange with other scholarly communities, including the College Art Association of America (CAA), of which it is an affiliate society.

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Leonardo Abstract Service (LABS) Project

Under the direction of Leonardo Editorial Board member Sheila Pinkel, the LABS project publishes select abstracts of Ph.D and Masters theses in the Art/Science/Technology field.

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