Yoichiro Kawaguchi, "Gemotion Dance" interactive installation with performance, 2002. copyright: Yoichiro Kawaguchi.


Notice: We will be launching a new website in January 2017. The following ad rates and specs are set for January 2017.

For specs and production guidelines see our ad spec sheet. For a list of ad options and pricing please see our ad rate sheet.

What are the deadlines for submitting advertisements?

For newsletter ads, submissions are due 14 days prior to the live dates, which are the 1st and 15th of each month. For print ads, submissions are due 4 months prior to a journal’s publication date. All other ad placement is ongoing.

Where do I submit my advertisement?

After payment is received and files are prepared you will send files and copy to one of the following email addresses:

For Online ads, send requests and/or ad materials to ads@leonardo.info.

For back cover journal ads, send requests and/or ad materials to ads@leonardo.info.

For internal journal print ads, send requests and/or ad materials to journals-ads@mit.edu.

What are the image specs and requirements for newsletter ads?

See ad specs

What is the difference between back cover ads and any other ad inside the print journals?

Leonardo/ISAST is responsible for back cover ads and interior next to the TOC. All other ads in the journals are managed by the MIT Press. Email journals-ads@mit.edu with any questions and/or submissions for interior journal page ads.

Why do I need to contact the MIT Press for print advertising?

Leonardo/ISAST does not process payments for advertisements on interior journal pages. This process is handled exclusively through the MIT Press. Email journals-ads@mit.edu with any questions and/or submissions.

What are my payment options?

Advertisers for Online ads (e.g., newsletter, website display ads/posts, social media, etc.) and back cover journal print ads are welcome to pay directly on our website with a credit card or Paypal here.

We can also invoice the advertiser and accept a check payment. Note that we cannot process the ad until full payment is received. For wire transfers for international advertisers, please email ads@leonardo.info. All other print advertisers should contact journals-ads@mit.edu for payments.

Are there discounts for members or subscribers to Leonardo?

\Affiliate members, authors and editors will receive a 20% discount except print ads within the journals.

How many people visit Leonardo/ISAST’s website each month?

While it’s hard to speculate what the visitation rates are from month to month, we have seen a consistent average of 8,000–10,000 page views per month.

How many followers do you have on social media?

Facebook: 3600 fans

Twitter: 1,500 followers

How many people receive your biweekly newsletter?

We have over 6,000 newsletter subscribers.

Updated 17 November 2016