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Uranus’ Castrated Penis: centiSperm Glazed Ceramic Sculpture


centiSperm Glazed Ceramic tribute to Robert Arneson and the NorCal Funk Artists

centiSperm Glazed Ceramic tribute to Robert Arneson and the NorCal Funk Artists

The centiSperm was applied to Uranus’ Castrated Penis as a glaze. The sculpture fired well. The centisperm effect is basically un-perceptible. Yet, there is a pearly sheen to the penis of Uranus. Certainly, the ritual process of anointing the lingam, even the lingam forcibly removed, is of discerning taste. Here are some pictures of Uranus’ Castrated Penis. This sculpture is a tribute to Robert Arneson (a former teacher) and the NorCal Funk Artists.

tribute to Robert Arneson and the NorCal Funk Artists

tribute to Robert Arneson and the NorCal Funk Artists


centiSperm Product Orientation Seminar


Now that the centiSperm exists, we begin concern ourselves with artSci research and development. What can be done with this novel new media biotechnological product? Are there scientific theories, artistic practice, bioethical debates and profitable applications to stem from this?


Artificial Human Gene Screwed centiSperm For Sale

My initial plan was to offer the centiSperm online as a posthuman artificial insemination product. I am sure there are people out there on the world wide media net web who would like a centiBaby. I haven’t had my sperm screened for safe resale and no one locally wanted to commit to a long-shot mutant interspecies jazz insect child.

centiSperm Glazed Donut Product Line

I began to anoint one of Celia Olsen’s homemade donuts with centiSperm. Actually I have glazed that donut once or twice a day for the past five days. This a perhaps a boutique edible for a dedicated foodie. Perhaps Tim Hortons might be interested in licensing centiSperm glazed donuts?

centisSperm Donut Glazing

centisSperm Donut Glazing

centiSperm Glazed Ceramic Sculpture

 I did build a ceramic sculpture to honor Uranus’ castrated penis. I will fire it tonight and glaze the penis with centiSperm as a physical ceramic glaze. This should adorn the sculpture with a burnt offering and test the applicability of centiSperm as a second level of anointed glaze.

Novel Birth Control: centiSpermicide

I am a bit worried that I am incubating more than insect-human hybrid germ cells. The centiSperm glazed donut could be a petri dish for naturally found airborne pathogens that feed on sperm. Although the statistical risk factor is low, anytime you feed human cells you should be aware of what or who might grow on the rich lawn of easy to scavenge tissue. On the other hand, we may be hunting for a volunteer novel spermicidal agent that could be use as a additional spermicide in our arsenal against unwanted pregnancy. centiSperm as a medium can be used to bait and check novel organisms. Any microbial or fungal life that can grow on a centiSperm Glazed Donut incubator will be potentially resistant to centipede venom. This means that we may be able to derive a new spermicidal secondary metabolite from the microorganisms that can be used in conjunction with various forms of centipede venom therapies without deleterious drug interactions.



Shevakadoo: body remainders, any part of a human separated from the main body, esp. referring to the taboo surrounding leftover flesh parts.

I am looking for the correct spelling and a more eloquent or thorough definition of this neologism emanating from the ten year old nuanced gossip channels into the greater world economy of werds. Please help make this a Wikipedia worthy post or a suave viral novelty word. I do find that saying Shavacadu three times when confronted by an amputated limb or chunk of otherwise missing human does help diffuse the situation. centiSperm donut is glazed/anointed daily.

I looked for the pronunciation guide and all I could find was:

CrispR ‘r’ Us



Worked on a few DIY centrifuges. Some more fanciful or dangerous than others. Finally settled in to attaching hypodermic needles (as eppendorf tubes) to the propellers of a box fan. The grinder was just too fast, it tried to take flight and shot medical waste in every direction. I am applying a hand held power sander as a vortex.


For the warm bath I am attaching needles to corks to float them – steep them in a mug of boiling water. Just gotta make sure there is ice and sperm and figure out how to catch and grind the centipede without over guilting out myself. We scanned him and he got named Keith and there was a bonding. For a venomous creature, centipedes are rather cute and intriguingly personable. Perhaps the keeping alive of the genetic heritage and introducing the centipede genome proximity with the interior of human germ cells is a sort of continuance after death? Short lived as I plan to use the sperm as a glaze. I mean a ceramic glaze and perhaps a frosting.


I was thinking of painting it onto a glazed doughnut or mixing it with frosting for a cupcake. I can stomach eating centisperm from my own body (mixed with Keith byproducts). I would of course prefer to mix the sperm in some vat of human ovum… and screen the blastocysts.

The odds are poor but the number of sperm effected are ~3 million. That changes the statistical assessment. I just don’t think I can afford 3 million eggs and there is the time deterrent. It might take years of screening human embroid bodies to find the centiSperm needle in a haystack. I should like to take the time to go CrispR ‘r’ Us on the whole scene and target or walMart the alterations. I would have to bang a load of hox and pax constructs into eggs and sperm and zygotes to get the oneshotz I am looking to raise.

For now I am focusing on finishing Methods of Transgenesis: Shoot, Shock and Inject. This month is shock month and completes the triptych of techno egregiousness. The next year should include designing a library of possible human transfector plasmids based on as wide a range of aesthetic transgenic humans as can be cobbled together. How plastic are we?