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Dazzling FireBall: Space Junk, UFO or AI Swarm distribution coverup


While we were in residence at Scientific Delirium Madness a large fireball was seen in the sky over Palo Alto. Actually it was seen from San Francisco down to Los Angeles at the same time and it made it to Nevada and Utah before breaking up. The standard news took a few days to debate what the slow, glowing, giant comet-mass was. Delta Aquarid Perseid Meteor Shower ice ball? Flaming commercial airliner death ball? Off track or off map space junk?

Two days afterwards, Jonathan McDowell, astronomer of the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics tweeted, “Observation reports from Utah indicate the second stage from the first Chang Zheng 7 rocket, launched Jun 25, reentered at 0440 UTC.” So, officially we have an identified flying object, synopsis… Chinese space junk. It was 36 feet long, 10 cubic meters, about the size of a school bus. Yes it was a big mofo. It scared lots of folx into thinking it was armageddon, a missile attack or an alien invasion. Capt. Nick Mercurio from Joint Functional Component Command for Space at Vandenburg Air Force Base, said “Given the size of the rocket body, some pieces of it may have survived re-entry but it’s unlikely it posed any threat to people.”

I can tell you that there was some curious followings along the trajectory of our CZ-7 Rocket booster flame out. The skies had f-19s scrambling the first day and copters with surface to air missiles the second day. They seemed to be tracking the path of the Chinese space manufacturing drizzle. Perhaps looking for covert pico-cricket robot swarms, Zika glossolaia attenuators, silicon eating 味噌 tauco 豆醬 fungal strains or rapid prototyping AI bunker camoCNC Router malevolent machine superintelligence (see http://leonardo.info/blogs/djerassi-field-notes-asa-calow/ ).

Be aware that being from Woodstock NY allows for conspiracy theory to be wide and far fetched. When presented with a school bus sized surprise space junk sky show, it is not the worst independent maneuver to free associate worst case scenarios… international subversions, government cover-ups, even wildhair, keef brained kook theory. In my humble opinion 60% of X-files style panic nutball theory turns out to be closer to the actual than baseline liar-liar mass media CNNFOX whitewash.

Track yourself as space junk:


Halfway Point





Last night several residents and I were watching composer and scientist Eathan Janney perform an impressive improvisational piano piece. I recall the sounds coming from the piano as he translated his thoughts and feelings, the warmth of the room from the wood stove, the way everyone was sitting or stretching out comfortably while he played, and the conversation that ensued from his performance regarding his approach and our responses to the piece.


I think about the details of that evening and how they are reflective of the organic and supportive nature of this residency. The fluid exchange of stories, experiences, thoughts, scientific data and research, and the brainstorming of possible collaborative projects happen anytime and anywhere.  Whether during walks, breaks, short rehearsals or mini performances, while eating meals or playing games, there is a high level of engagement that my fellow residents are willing to participate in. The atmosphere has a nice balance of natural curiosity, humor and respect.


Today marks the halfway point of the Scientific Delirium Madness residency and the revelation that I have known these people for only two weeks is kind of shocking. I am currently finding a balance between working on the in-progress projects and pieces I brought with, and the new ideas and possible collaborations that are developing (see images below, more to come). I am extremely excited for the potential of the ideas being generated. I find myself repeating how lucky I am to be here right now (sometimes silently, sometimes out loud) with such an inspiring, creative, intelligent and thoughtful group.




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hmm.. ideas brewing inErnest


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