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Uranus’ Castrated Penis: centiSperm Glazed Ceramic Sculpture


centiSperm Glazed Ceramic tribute to Robert Arneson and the NorCal Funk Artists

centiSperm Glazed Ceramic tribute to Robert Arneson and the NorCal Funk Artists

The centiSperm was applied to Uranus’ Castrated Penis as a glaze. The sculpture fired well. The centisperm effect is basically un-perceptible. Yet, there is a pearly sheen to the penis of Uranus. Certainly, the ritual process of anointing the lingam, even the lingam forcibly removed, is of discerning taste. Here are some pictures of Uranus’ Castrated Penis. This sculpture is a tribute to Robert Arneson (a former teacher) and the NorCal Funk Artists.

tribute to Robert Arneson and the NorCal Funk Artists

tribute to Robert Arneson and the NorCal Funk Artists


Flight of the centiSperm


Flight of the centiSperm
David Bowen
a collaboration with Adam Zaretsky

So David Bowen came up with this idea of using the centiSperm as a data set for flying his drone. He and Asa Calow shit talked some tech and David built a rotating four well conductivity meter dubbed the Jizalizer 3030.

Jizilizer 3030 - David Bowen

Jizilizer 3030 – David Bowen

centiSPerm (Human sperm combined with DNA from a centipede) was used as a data set. Relative electrical flow was measured over time from the centiSperm producing data as the cells containing it decayed. This data was scaled and correlated to Latitude, Longitude and Altitude respectively. The XYZ/time data plot is neither devoid of the potentially legible nor is it easy to find meaning in. However, a fabulous graphic plotting of the loci was produced and it a find piece of the Jizalizer 3010 centiSperm continuum.

XYZ/time Jizalizer 3010 centiSperm data plot drone conversion path - David Bowen

XYZ/time Jizalizer 3010 centiSperm data plot drone conversion path – David Bowen

The coordinates were uploaded to the drone and it flew autonomously based on the DNA instructions. Weidong Yang took a fabulous time-lapse photograph of the flight at night. The LEDs left a trail of four-dimensional semidata in the sky.

autonomous drone path based on centisperm data instructions - David Bowen Timelaspe Photo Credit: Weidong Yang

autonomous drone path based on centisperm data instructions – David Bowen
Timelaspe Photo Credit: Weidong Yang

autonomous drone path based on centisperm data instructions - David Bowen Timelaspe Photo Credit: Weidong Yang

autonomous drone path based on centisperm data instructions – David Bowen
Timelaspe Photo Credit: Weidong Yang

autonomous drone path based on centisperm data instructions - David Bowen Timelaspe Photo Credit: Weidong Yang

autonomous drone path based on centisperm data instructions – David Bowen
Timelaspe Photo Credit: Weidong Yang

The use of a drone for data point plotting made for some complex readings. As you can see there are distinct coordinates of chaos on the stability locus of the flight path. The pauses and directional flavor of the Flight of the centiSperm led to group quizzical guesses as to what the 4D trail might imply.

centiSperm Product Orientation Seminar


Now that the centiSperm exists, we begin concern ourselves with artSci research and development. What can be done with this novel new media biotechnological product? Are there scientific theories, artistic practice, bioethical debates and profitable applications to stem from this?


Artificial Human Gene Screwed centiSperm For Sale

My initial plan was to offer the centiSperm online as a posthuman artificial insemination product. I am sure there are people out there on the world wide media net web who would like a centiBaby. I haven’t had my sperm screened for safe resale and no one locally wanted to commit to a long-shot mutant interspecies jazz insect child.

centiSperm Glazed Donut Product Line

I began to anoint one of Celia Olsen’s homemade donuts with centiSperm. Actually I have glazed that donut once or twice a day for the past five days. This a perhaps a boutique edible for a dedicated foodie. Perhaps Tim Hortons might be interested in licensing centiSperm glazed donuts?

centisSperm Donut Glazing

centisSperm Donut Glazing

centiSperm Glazed Ceramic Sculpture

 I did build a ceramic sculpture to honor Uranus’ castrated penis. I will fire it tonight and glaze the penis with centiSperm as a physical ceramic glaze. This should adorn the sculpture with a burnt offering and test the applicability of centiSperm as a second level of anointed glaze.

Novel Birth Control: centiSpermicide

I am a bit worried that I am incubating more than insect-human hybrid germ cells. The centiSperm glazed donut could be a petri dish for naturally found airborne pathogens that feed on sperm. Although the statistical risk factor is low, anytime you feed human cells you should be aware of what or who might grow on the rich lawn of easy to scavenge tissue. On the other hand, we may be hunting for a volunteer novel spermicidal agent that could be use as a additional spermicide in our arsenal against unwanted pregnancy. centiSperm as a medium can be used to bait and check novel organisms. Any microbial or fungal life that can grow on a centiSperm Glazed Donut incubator will be potentially resistant to centipede venom. This means that we may be able to derive a new spermicidal secondary metabolite from the microorganisms that can be used in conjunction with various forms of centipede venom therapies without deleterious drug interactions.

centiSperm DIY Protocol: Centipede DNA Isolation


Centipede DNA Isolation

A – Kill Centipede
B – Mash with mortar and pestle

This was no easy feat. The night I scanned the centipede the other residents named him Keith! And Keith nearly escaped. I fed and housed him, changed her stream water and caught it bugs. I even found that he preferred raw meat but not fat. With a name and care, Keith felt more like a pet. Also, the skittering, curious and loungy attitude of Keith suggested a fine sentient personality. The antennas poking and wriggling in unison and independently spoke tomes. Even the fear of a venomous organism showing signs of extremely honed escape tactics gave me vast respect to the centipedes of this world.

There is no respectful death possible for an organism to be used for bioart. Still, a good death was considered. There is little written about insect euthanasia. We considered drug overdose but it was unknown if insects responded to diazepam derivatives. I was of the notion that fast, near instantaneous destruction was the best method. Its just a bit of that ultraviolence, smash and grind will do the trick. But, we did try out cryanesthesia (freezing) in the hopes that Keith would be numb. As usual with these death rituals, it is not easy.

Comix Version:  Matteo Farinella of

Comix Version:
Matteo Farinella of

Ooops, lame research revealed belatedly:

“The British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA) Terrestrial Invertebrate Working Group (TIWG) reports on a survey conducted by Mark Bushell of BIAZA institutions. He found that refrigeration and freezing were the most common methods “of euthanasia of invertebrates although research has suggested that this is probably one of the least ethical options.” That said, freezing is a worst-case method if chemical or instantaneous physical destruction is not possible.”
- Sarah Pellett; Romain Pizzi; Steven Trim; Mark Bushell; Dave Clarke; Jamie Wood (Jun 2015). BIAZA Recommendations for Ethical Euthanasia of Invertebrates (2.6 ed.). British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Keith began to wake from his semi-frozen slumber as the brass mortar came down on her in the porcelain pestle. Keith was mashed in seconds and the interior looked a lot like blended shrimp meat and the only recognizable remnants were some legs that stuck to the side of the pestle and a long sheath of segmented centipedal chiton all covered in goo.

Keith, mortal, pestle Photo credit: David Bowen

Keith, mortal, pestle
Photo credit: David Bowen

centiMash Photo credit: David Bowen

Photo credit: David Bowen

C – Mix mashed centipede with distilled water, salt and a tiny drop of soap
D – let centipede mash sit in hot water bath for 5-10 minutes

I had earlier determined that hypodermic syringes do melt in boiling water. So, I mixed the centipede mash in a tube that had contained a really nice SF styled joint with some remnant cannabis in the bottom.



Actually, the Cannabis Indica genome was isolated with the centipede genome and they both live on in the centiSperm to some extent.






I will resist calling this project centi-midnightToker-Sperm for lack of text space on the interwebs. I did make a tube floatation device for the hot water bath. I used plastic netting and corks. There are many corks at the Djerassi Residency, many!
E – Spin to make pellet
F – This time keep the supernatant and throw away the pellet
G – Move liquid to new tube
H – Mix 50/50 with high proof vodka or Everclear
I – Spin at high speed for 10+ minutes
J – Pour off the vodka super natant
K – let the pellet dry aerating until there is no alcohol left
L – Resuspend in 100 microliters of distilled water by pipetting up and down over and over until the DNA pellet is mixed in with the water.

For this step I used my hand held 20-200 microliter pipette but I had not remembered to bring sterile pipette tips. Well I cut some myself from disposable pipettes. I know they are not calibrated but they sure work well and the proportions were right!

DIY Pipette Tips Photo Credit: David Bowen

DIY Pipette Tips
Photo Credit: David Bowen of



I remember that the word testament and testicles have etymological origins in common. Early swearing on the Torah was not always possible before the printing press. Often it was told that men would take an oath on each other’s thighs or even under each other’s thighs. Due to the fact that the oath was a testimony, shy scholars had substituted balls or testicles with the words: ‘thigh’, stones or underthighs. The image is of men holding each other’s cojones cupped in each other’s hands during an oath, this is testimony. Giving each other testimony on the bollocks makes much more sense than a thigh in terms of relations between honesty and fear of pain. It also shows that the word is made of flesh as the germline genetic material (sperm and spermatagonia, ovum and oogonia) doubles as a holy book as well as a total trust fall for sure. It is certainly time to update the translation, re-enter these traditions into the halls of justice to include bodies of difference to lay oath hands on.

Considering Ruth and other female judges in the Judeo-Christian-Islamic Trinity of monotheistic cult(ures), we must ask how contestable (con-testicular) oaths are conducted in lieu of a book between: women and women, women and men as well as the detailed gender, identity, sex and sexualtity gradations and off the locus points of the day. The pen and the penis (and the pasta penne) need a gendered reinscribing, as well as protest (pro-testicular) neologisms beyond detestible (de-testicularity) testes, can be converted to gender neutral (neutered) or pluralized hybrid language of identity biodiversity. The tablets are not ‘stones’ these days. Penises are not the only thighs in the thicket. WE need a new embodiment of trust, lineage, language and law crossover that includes more than thinly veiled phallic worship. Lets get some yoni in that lingam langue, what Maya Spasova calls, “The Venus in every penis.” A good measure would be starting from the sum total of a dynamic equilibrium orificial economy and reverse engineering to a menu of options in the anatomy of testimonials.

All that being said, I killed Keith the centipede. I swear an oath on Gaia’s ovum… it was no fun. Keith was lit. May heesh live on in the brains and sinews of those heesh has touched.